Lego Engineering – Trebuchet


Using the Race Truck Technic set 42104 ($20 value), students will learn about levers, mechanical advantage, and build a trebuchet. The Lego set and extra materials the student’s to keep.

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Lego Engineering Trebuchet

Build your own Lego Trebuchet to launch bricks across the room.

2 pm

4 – 1 hour sessions


  • Tuesday and Thursday,  April 28, 30, May 5, 7
  • 2 – 3pm


  • 7 and up
  • anyone new to the Technic Lego system
  • older kids with some mechanical knowledge should look for my advanced class (coming soon)


When learning math, the basic building blocks are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  What are the basic building blocks of mechanical engineering?  Knowledge of levers and mechanical advantage.

How class will work

Green Road Pottery will host each class using Zoom. A private invitation will be sent to parents 1 hour before the start of the session.  Students are not required to have their video or audio activated.  In the event there is a security issue, the session will be ended and a new invitation will be sent.

Week 1:

Students will follow instructions to build a lever and learn about mechanical advantage.

Lever Instructions for Printing
Lever Instructions for Tablet or Computer

Week 2:

Build a Lego trebuchet from the provided kit.  We will discuss the parameters that effect the success of the trebuchet.

The class includes a new Lego set 42104 – Race Truck.  Some additional materials will be provided with the Lego kit.  All instructions will be provided as a digital download.

Lego Engineering – Trebuchet

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